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Legal support of registration of marriage

How to register a marriage in Ukraine?

Why the question of registration of marriage in Ukraine is so important to many foreigners who plan to stay further here for a long time?

Legal marriage registered in accordance with Ukrainian law is one of the common reasons for a foreigner to apply for a residence permit in Ukraine, and eventually citizenship of Ukraine.

Solvo team provides legal assistance of registration of marriage of foreigners with citizens of Ukraine for further acquiring of temporary residence permit in Ukraine as well as marriage of foreigners with persons who have permanent residence permit for further quick acquiring of permanent residence permit in Ukraine.

In Ukraine a marriage may be registered in the premises of the Civil Registry Offices (ZAGS, RATS). According to the provisions of the Family Code of Ukraine, a marriage shall be registered after submission of the declaration of intention to marry to one of such offices.

The legal procedure of contracting marriage is rather easy and usually entails no additional difficulties. Dozens of marriages are registered every day in Civil Registry Offices all over Ukraine. But as soon as a foreign subject (a citizen of a foreign country) is involved in the process, lots of ambiguities and misunderstandings may arise. Furthermore the case may be over-complicated with special time frames that circumscribe legal period of stay of a foreigner in Ukraine.  

We consult on how to register your marriage in Ukraine as fast as possible! You can rely on our legal support of contracting a marriage within certain time frames and without any problem and be sure to receive marriage certificate with all parts of your name written and translated in due and correct form. We’ll prepare the full package of documents required for marriage registration to be submitted to the Civil Registry Office of Ukraine.

We’ll require from you only your valid passport and legal stay in the territory of Ukraine to register your marriage – no additional certificates or references. If the period of your legal stay in Ukraine provided by law terminates (expiration of visa, residence permit or termination of 90 days period of visa-free stay), you become an illegal migrant. Illegal migrants can perform no legal acts in the territory of Ukraine including registration of marriage as they are outlawed. We won’t be able to assist you in such a case.

We can help you register a marriage without reference on family status from the country of your citizenship (a document that proves that you are not married there). 

Our advantages in marriage registration:

  • registration of marriage within a period of up to 1 day (if situation permits and there are legal grounds for it);
  • minimum required documents (no additional certificates from embassies etc.);
  • no complications, no wait, no difficulties;
  • no complications, no wait, no difficulties.