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Temporary residence permit

Temporary residence permit (posvidka) is the document that proves the identity of a foreigner or a stateless person and certifies that its holder has legal grounds to reside temporarily in the territory of Ukraine. This document usually remains valid during one year from the date of issue, but sometimes the period of its validity may be shorter (why?) unlike permanent residence permit, which has indefinite term of validity. Temporary residence permit is a kind of temporary registration of a foreign citizen in Ukraine. The stamp of residence registration (propiska) shall be put in this document within 10 calendar days from the date of issue.

A foreigner shall have solid grounds and strong reasons for acquiring residence permit in Ukraine. Those grounds are specified in the Law of Ukraine “Legal status of foreigners and stateless persons". Such legal grounds for issuing temporary residence permit depend on the purpose of foreigner’s stay in Ukraine. From our personal experience hereunder we list the most widespread grounds for foreigners to receive temporary residence permit in Ukraine.

Grounds for receiving temporary residence permit:

  • studies at higher educational establishment in Ukraine;
  • officially registered work in a company, enterprise or organization situated in the territory of Ukraine;
  • family reunification.

Very often foreigners decide to stay in Ukraine after finishing studies, but in reality they no longer have legal grounds for it. Thus it is easy to become an illegal migrant. Deportation and even the subsequent prohibition to enter Ukraine threaten people with such status.

Our experts will advise on your specific migration issues no matter how delicate it would be. We will help you to find legal grounds for staying in Ukraine and receiving temporary residence permit. We will require from you the minimal list of documents. Entire subsequent procedure is totally our responsibility. You just have to come to the respective body and take your temporary residence permit when everything is ready.

Every particular case has lots of nuances and details and it’s impossible to predict and describe all of them here. Our job is to correlate all the details of your case, prepare and execute missing documents and submit them to respective migration bodies of State Migration service of Ukraine so that you could receive your temporary residence permit according to the most rapid and transparent procedure.

Our consultations are free of charge and we can easily advice you on the possibilities of acquiring temporary residence permit in Ukraine and tell whether you have legal grounds for it and even help to find or create them if necessary.